Baking Industry Job Board

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If you are looking for a baking industry job or wish to advertise a job in the Australian baking industry you have come to the right place. This job board is free to post on and is promoted Australia-wide within the baking industry and to job-seekers, via employment service providers, schools, social media, and other marketing channels.

We encourage you to list job vacancies here free of charge and share this job board on your social media profiles to increase industry awareness. Together we can promote the baking career path to the greater community. 

Click here to learn about the baking career path and other baking industry job pathways.

The National Baking Industry Association and it’s partners are committed to promoting the baking career path. We work with industry stakeholders, employment service providers, baking businesses, and schools regularly to promote apprenticeships, traineeships and increase the number of baking and pastrycook apprentices.