Where to find a Baking Job

Finding a baking job in the Australian baking industry isn’t difficult, there are several places you can look including your local bakery or supermarket, social media, and career information providers. This page includes information about the Baking Industry Job Board as well as many other links where you can seek assistance with your hunt for a baking job. Click here to learn more about what a baker does.

When applying for a job in the baking industry, we recommend doing your research and learn about the bakery before you show up. If you plan on going into the store to talk to the business owner or head baker, call before you arrive because their hours aren’t always aligned with the business hours. Make sure you are neat, tidy, and have a copy of your resume with you.

The Baking Industry Job Board

The Baking Industry Job Board lists jobs from independent bakeries, franchise bakeries, and industry suppliers throughout Australia. 

baking industry job board
  • Apprentice baker/pastrycook
  • Qualified baker/pastrycook
  • Bakery retail staff
  • Bakery support staff
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Other baking industry job links

Places you can look for jobs within the baking industry include:

  • Your local bakery
  • Supermarkets with in-store bakeries
    (Coles, Woolworths & IGA)
  • Social media (Facebook & Instagram)
  • School guidance councillors
  • Career expos

Employment Agents within the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN):